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Here’s the wrap-up promo video for Nasty Geisha. I hope this video can help me get out there so my next exhibition is even bigger and more crazier! ^_^

Supporting the awesome Chicago artists who came to support me! ^__^ Be here or be dead!

The Space That You Need To Be In To Close Out Lollapalooza Weekend Is Right Here. Come Enjoy This Night With Great Performances and Great Music along with Chances to WIN Great Prizes. Last But Not Least You Get To Hang With The Good ol’ People From DEATH X DESIGN!!! Be Here and Experience GOOD TASTE!!!




It’s time for my second big solo show! It’s going to be held in a Japanese dojo with tatami mats in a place that used to be a temple.

Opening night will be simple: almost 30 over-sized paintings of raunchy sexual acts inspired by anime “cartoons” and manga. 80s J-pop soundtrack. Good conversation in a crazy neighborhood. This is the show people will talk about after I am famous and toned my shit down.

(If you still don’t know what to expect, watch this, then multiply by OMGHOLYSHIT)

Friday, July 26th, 8pm - 10pm
Japanese Culture Center
1016 W. Belmont

Admission: Free
(But you must remove your shoes at the door, seriously.)

Show Hours:
Friday July 26, 8pm to 10pm (Opening Show)
Saturday July 27, 5pm to 10pm (Gallery Hours)
Sunday July 28, 3pm to 8pm (Closing Gallery Show)

(Oh and fuck everyone who stealing my flyer-posters. It costs me $1 for each poster and I could only print limited amount. In the future, if you bring me  a 11x17 poster to sign, I will rip it up in your face and laugh)

I’m preparing for my upcoming solo show. I have handful of signed prints to offer. I also somehow spent too much time making handmade wallets of some of the prints.

Here is a small preview of the bigger painting collection. I feel good about the paintings. Even they are 4ft by 2ft, I still feel they are too small for what I am trying to say. ^__^;

My favorite so far is the girl giving blowjob to Mysterious Facebook Man. No, that is not the official title. Sorry.