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This article has travelled around the internet already. It has even reached Sankaku Complex, which is in my opinion the biggest attack on Japanese culture that you can find on the internet. And no, I’m not even going to link to the SC website, that’s how degrading it is to me as a Japanese person. Anyways, the original Oricon article lists the top 10 supporting characters in manga. They are as follows:

1. Krillin (Dragonball) 2. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) 3. Takeshi Goda (Doraemon) 4. Kiminobu Kogure (Slam Dunk) 5. Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece) 6. Kouichi Senigata (Lupin the Third) 7. Kaede Rukawa (Slam Dunk) 8. Vegeta (Dragonball) 9. Tomozou Sakura (Chibi Maruko-chan) 10. Kogorou Mouri (Detective Conan)

As a huge manga fan, I completely protest this list! How can 900 people represent how millions of fans feel? And I hate to say it, but the characters who made the list are all currently in some media production (like on tv updates or re-airings). It seems to me that Oricon wasn’t specific enough about “all time” characters. Even stranger is that Oricon has a huge user-base, so how is it that only 900 voted? My own research into the matter (2-chan anyone?) suggests that other more classic characters were pushed to the side; in other words, Oricon was paid by companies to push certain characters to the top, in order to advertise new upcoming productions. This is currently a developing issue/controversy on manga & anime forums throughout Japan: a source inside Oricon leaked information about one character who actually had a substantial number of votes (enough to make it to #3), but was deliberately “dumped.” From the anime “Hokuto no Ken,” Rei is a major supporting character who is typically a fan-favorite. To be honest, I would have totally overlooked Oricon’s list, except once I heard about Rei, I felt motivated to make this an issue. You know how it is, once they mess with your favorite chara, the fight is on…! I am actually re-watching “Hokuto no Ken” and am remembering why I loved this show so much (and why I loved Rei so much). As opposed to Ken’s limited range of expression, Rei is one of the few characters to really display his emotions. In love with someone who doesn’t love him back, Rei is destined to watch the violent Ken win Yuria’s heart. That made him much more human than the leading character. In my opinion, Rei should be on that “rigged” list. No amount of money can erase the burning passions of supporting character love! And what’s worst is that foreign sites catch the story, without doing any background research, and report it as fact. (Original Poll Source